This class is for children ages 4-5 years old who have no prior dance experience.   Classes consist of teaching basic Irish Dance skills through games and play.

 Students should be able to:

*Be independent of parent/caretaker for the 30 minute class time

*Follow instructions within reason

*Interact with fellow dancers in age-appropriate ways

Fundamentals of Irish Dance



This class is for our Pre-Beginners who have "graduated" as well as any child age 6 and up who has no experience in Irish Dance. 


Students should be able to:

*Follow instructions

*Interact with fellow dancers

*Be mature enough to handle the complexity of two full dances


3:30-4:30pm:  Hard Shoe Class A

4:30-5:30pm:  Soft Shoe  

5:30-6:30pm:  Hard Shoe Class B


This class is for dancers who know both their beginner reel and beginner light jig, minimum. 


Students should be able to:

*Follow instructions

*Interact with fellow dancers

*Be mature enough to handle the complexity of a full dance

*Be able to remember multiple combinations of steps required for knowing up to 4 soft shoe dances

Adult Solo Fitness



For adults with no or some dance experience who are looking for a fun working, a new challenge, or just a lot of fun!

This class is for adults who have never danced before, who have danced in our ceili classes, or who used to dance when they were younger.  Dancers will have the opportunity to learn both soft shoe and hard shoe dances at a pace suitable to adults.  They are encouraged to compete, but there is no pressure.  Adults will certainly find this a good, hard, FUN work out!

For those interested in starting with some previous Irish Dance experience, we also have Novice, Prizewinner, and Champ Level Classes available as well.

Jessica S, Dance Parent


Jill K, Dance Parent

It was really important to me to find a place where my girls could dance and feel a sense of family and supportiveness and none of the harsh competitive spirit (not to mention body shaming) present elsewhere in the dance world. Irish dance at Brightburn academy has been a pleasant surprise and we have really appreciated the inclusiveness, friendly environment and kind and patient instructors. Highly recommend!


My young son and I attend Brightburn Academy. My 7 year old son loves it - yep, boys can Irish dance, too! The teachers are so caring, knowledgeable, and skilled. The families I have met through the studio are so friendly, and it really does feel like a “dance family”. The more advanced dancers are inspirational to watch, and really encouraging towards the younger dancers (and us adults!). I started out in the Adult Ceili (group dance) class (postponed now, due to Covid) a year and a half ago, but have recently been taking the Adult Solo class. It’s a phenomenal workout, and fun at the same time. I’m in my mid forties, it’s never too late to try something new. I never thought I could learn the steps or have the confidence to do it in front of anyone, but Miss Sandra and Miss Kate just have a way of igniting something in you. Highly recommend Brightburn, and if you can catch one of the public performances, be ready to be entertained!


My four children of various levels and abilities dance for Brightburn Academy of Irish Dance. My family loves how patient, professional, knowledgeable, and thoughtful all the instructors are! The teachers provide top quality instruction while using positive reinforcements to engage all dancers. We are proud to dance for this academy where all dancers and all backgrounds are welcomed! This culturally rich dancing opportunity also provides structure and a creative avenue for our large family at a price we can afford!

Elena M, Adult Dancer & Dance Parent

Jessica S, Dance Parent